Functional Medicine

Functional Approach

Many issues that patients are experiencing today are a result of the mismatch between our environment and lifestyle and how our bodies evolved to survive and reproduce.  Our Paleolithic ancestors survived because they had genes that enabled them to survive in harsh conditions. 

Now those genetic advantages are causing disease.  We’ve developed insulin resistance because it helped store fat and survive famine; anti-inflammatory resistance because inflammation helped us survive acute infectious disease and trauma and thyroid resistance because it helped us overcome stress and down regulated metabolism to conserve energy in difficult times. 

One of our treatment goals is to help patients learn to work with and not against their bodies by getting down to the basics.  We can’t change our genetics but we can change our environment and lifestyle to provide the ideal components to fuel our mind, good mood and body.

Most of our patients come to us looking for answers.  They’ve been feeling unwell for some time and haven’t found the right provider to sit down, listen and work with them to get their body functioning right.  They know something is wrong, they feel different, but a diagnosis or acceptable treatment has eluded them.  Traditional medicine is failing patients because it has broken a patient up into different systems with a specialist treating their “system” without adequately considering the person as a whole.

We try to address the root cause of a patient’s illness- not just symptoms of cause.  We want to understand the underlying mechanisms.  Emerging medicine is providing evidence that a common underlying dysfunction can cause discrete symptoms in many systems in the body.  For example, inflammation has been linked to dementia, cancer, heart disease and obesity, as well as autoimmune, inflammatory, allergic and psychiatric disorders. 

As medicine evolves, we’re realizing that the body isn’t actually what we thought it was.  It’s a dynamic complex and adaptive ecosystem that responds to inputs from the environment.  We work to address this dynamic and complex system in a patient’s body.


We are happy to provide our patients with alternative and complimentary products to augment traditional pharmaceutical treatments or assist in mood and hormonal health maintenance.  After careful evaluation we chose to work with Ortho Molecular to design a product line that meets the needs and expectations of our patients.  The supplements were chosen based on their high quality standards of purity and effectiveness. This product line has been tested against other similar "name brand" products and has been validated as a higher quality and more effective product at a comparable price.  The manufacturer offers a 30 day money back guarantee and at Balance we offer a price match guarantee.  Bring in your current product for a price and label comparison. 

  • OrthOmega: High quality Omega 3 fatty acid with a lemon "twist" (no unpleasant side effects!)
  • Pro-Biotic 225:  Once a week treatment with 7 strains of healthy bacteria, one serving is equal to an entire bottle of the competitors product that only has 2 strains of bacteria.
  • DHEA:  Supplement for hormone and sexual health (not for patients with PCOS)
  • Alpha Base without Iron:  Multivitamin with most of the essentials for women's health
  • Vitamin D3: Daily for maintenance and Weekly to increase levels (lab evaluation required for high dose D3)
  • Melatonin:  A supplement for sleep
  • Adren-All and AdreneVive:  Supplements that promote a healthy stress response and provide adrenal support
  • Cerenity:  Supplement for prevention or treatment of mild anxiety related disorders
  • CereVive:  Supplement/support for mood disorders related to neurotransmitter deficiency

Please note, if you are experiencing significant mood and anxiety symptoms do not stop your current medications without talking to a health care provider first.